Brooks Pure Connect

brooks pure connect

I originally purchased these shoes to utilize for CrossFit, mainly because I was looking for a zero heel drop shoe, but I wasn’t ready or comfortable in a pure minimalist shoe. Having tried the the Merrell road and trail gloves, I felt I still wanted some cushioning during CrossFit workouts, specifically those that required running or jumping.

The Brooks Pure Connect has done a fantastic job of balancing the need for having a zero heel drop for lifting workouts while still providing the cushioning and support for workouts with a lot of running on concrete.

I also recently transitioned to utilizing these shoes for outdoor CrossFit workouts which involved a trail run, which then to utilize these shoes during the Tough Mudder. The Brooks Pure Connect performed really well during the Tough Mudder, lightweight, and the mesh upper helped the shoes drain well as we navigated several water obstacles. The only place where I see these shoes fall short for Tough Mudder purposes was in the tread, I could tell it was a little slick when running up a couple of the grassy or muddy hills, where a more trail running tread may have provided an advantage. I put these shoes through the ringer that day, and after a couple cycles through the washing machine, they came out looking nearly brand new.
Side note, I did experience part of the tread on the sole peel away, which was more of a cosmetic thing than anything performance related. I contacted Brooks customer service, and they sent me a replacement pair, no questions asked, and I have had no problems with that pair of shoes.

Overall, the Brooks pure connect has been a great shoe for CrossFit, running and performed well during the Tough Mudder. You can see more manufacturer detail at the Amazon link below.