Nike Combat Pro Compression Shorts

It wasn’t on the top of my list, but underwear was definitely something to consider for the Tough Mudder. I had picked up a nice pair of Under Armor compression shorts and figured they would be fine. However, they had one fatal flaw. They had a fly. Normally I appreciate the convenience factor, but someone pointed out that a fly in the drawers is a perfect entry path for mud.

After a quick thought, I realized the $25 I spent on my sweet UA underwear was maybe not the best choice.

Enter Nike Combat Pro Compression Shorts!  I made it over to MC Sporting Goods and after a lot of looking I finally found these bad boys:


No fly, nice and tight, and neon yellow… they worked fantastic.

I usually wear Medium to Large in my underwear and I went Medium for these.  They were a little tight, but I figured that would be an advantage to keep out mud.  When I peeled them off ater the Tough Mudder, I was totally clean in there.  (by clean, I mean mud free, I was far from clean).

My CrossFit thighs barely fit in them, and if you have big quads, these are going to be tight so you may want to check out one size up.

If you look close, you can see them poking out from under my $10 Meijer swim suit, which also performed fantastic:

Nike Pro Combat Core Compression Six-Inch Short 2.0