Boa Constrictor

The biggest challenge of any of the obstacles at Tough Mudder is the mental game.  Every one of these obstacles is more than doable, but you have to keep your brain in check.  The Tough Mudder Boa Constrictor obstacle is set up so that your brain thinks you are about to drown.  I was not expecting that at all.  This one seemed like a walk in the park.

On the Boa Constrictor obstacle, as you near the bottom, you keep pushing your head against the ceiling, but the water keeps getting higher and higher and very quickly you are forced to get your mouth and nose under the water.  I was not ready for that shock.

As I was sliding down at a pretty good pace, breathing hard but not too hard, that water just crept up fast and reflexively I lifted my head and just kept sliding down, but the roof got in the way faster than my brain could react.  As soon as that water got into my mouth and nose my mind went into “you are drowning” mode, and I had to back up a foot or two (in the tube) to collect myself before I could shut my brain off long enough to muscle down into the water.  And the reward for that, was having to do it going up the other side.  That was rough on my brain.

My tip for the Tough Mudder Boa Constrictor obstacle is to slow down for a second when you get close to the water at the bottom, get a good deep breath and charge fast into it.  If you can do that, I think you can avoid the issue that I had with it.