Walk The Plank

The Tough Mudder Walk The Plank obstacle was by far the most troublesome for me going in.  After the death of Avishek Sengupta I was really nervous about attempting this obstacle.  I hadn’t jumped off a diving board in a good 20 years, so the 12-15 foot height was really in my head.

I wish this obstacle had come earlier in the course, as it weighed very heavy on my mind.  Here is how I decided I would attack this obstacle.  My plan was to get up there as fast as I could and just leap off as quickly as possible and do my best to not think until it was over.  I’m the dude in the white shirt in the video, and you can see that’s what I did.  As soon as the spotter gave me the pat on the back, I was gone.

After going through the Walk The Plank obstacle, I now realize this was one of the easiest of the day.  The platform looked a lot higher than it was, hitting the water was pretty soft, and popping out was nothing.  The challenge for this obstacle is all in the mind.

My tip for the tough Mudder Walk The Plank obstacle is simply don’t think.  If you can swim, this obstacle will be the easiest one of the day for you.  Climb up to the platform, walk up and leap off.  Keep your arms tucked into your body and hold your breath, and have fun with this one.  I wasted a lot of energy and created a lot of stress thinking about how scary/dangerous/painful the Walk The Plank obstacle would be, and it was none of them.  Just enjoy it, and save your fear for the Arctic Enema :)